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Currency options for crisis-ridden Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe needs to introduce a hybrid foreign currency management system or create a long maturity US$ Brady type bond to preserve savings amid the currency chaos, renowned economist Ashok Chakravarti has advised.

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Aid, Institutions And Development: New Approaches To Growth, Governance And Poverty

In spite of massive flows over the past 50 years, aid has failed to have any significant impact on development. Marginalization from the world economy and increases in absolute poverty are causing countries to degenerate into failed, oppressive and, in some cases, dangerous states. To address this malaise, Ashok Chakravarti argues that there should be …

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Institutions, Economic Performance and the Visible Hand: Theory and Evidence

This timely study convincingly argues that it is not resources but the institutions which govern the interaction and decision-making of economic and political agents, that are the key factor in determining the economic performance of nations. The book challenges the conventional wisdom on the determinants of economic performance and provides an alternative vision of the …

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Imperfect Information & Opportunism

Journal of Economic Issues, Vol. 51 Issue No. 4, December 2017 www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00213624.2017.1391594 IMPERFECT INFORMATION AND OPPORTUNISM Information is a scarce resource. It is inherently available only in limited form to decision makers. Limited or imperfect information is caused by uncertainty – both ontologic and epistemic, limitations in cognitive capabilities or bounded rationality, hidden information and …

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New Economic Environment in Zimbabwe

Ashok Chakravarti explains the new policy direction in Zimbabwe after the fall of Robert Mugabe

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