September 2017 archive

Audio: ” The US Dollar is Gone!” says Prof. Ashok Chakravarti

Professor Ashok Chakravarti in an interview with Talent Chademana says that Zimbabwe has already de-dollarised and that we should adopt the Rand.

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‘There is no drive for reform in govt’

Zimbabwe Independent reporter Hazel Ndebele interviewed senior development economist and Ease of Doing Business Advisor in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Ashok Chakravarti, to discuss the challenges besetting the economy among other factors.

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Govt should adopt bond notes as the official local currency, and not as a surrogate says Prof. Chakravarti

University of Zimbabwe economics professor and government’s top advisor on Ease of Doing Business reforms, Professor Ashok Chakravarti, has urged the government to officially use the bond note as the local currency instead of pegging it at 1:1 with the United States Dollar.

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