January 2019 archive

Mthuli Ncube Is Driving Economy In The Right Direction: Prof Chakravarti

Economist Ashok Chakravarti has said that for the first time in a long time, he feels Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube is leading Zimbabwe’s economy in the right direction as Zimbabwe has had an economic mess for 20 years.

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‘Govt wage bill to balloon three-fold’

Economist Ashok Chakravarti said the workers’ request for better working conditions was reasonable. “I am confident there are ways of raising additional revenues without increasing taxation, but it has to be part of a comprehensive reform package.”

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Non-taxable income bracket needs review

Respected economist Ashok Chakravarti has repeatedly said that dollarisation is not a viable long-term solution to the issue of currency because Zimbabwe does not have “a good source of US dollars”.

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‘Economy has potential to recover’

Tangible economic turnaround would be witnessed this year if Government remains steadfast in dealing with the twin terrors of fiscal deficit and the failure to implement proper foreign currency management systems. This was said by prominent academic Professor Ashok Chakravarti in an interview yesterday.

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