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Zim Bank Deposits Are Not In US Dollars

Video: Ashok Chakravarti explains that Zimbabwe bank deposits are not really in $US.

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Zimbabwe currency crisis: No cash, no bread, no KFC

By Andrew Harding, BBC News, Harare A deepening unease is settling over Zimbabwe as the country’s fragile local currency loses value at an alarming speed, prices soar, local and foreign businesses close their doors, and people wonder whether their savings are about to be wiped out once again, as they were during the economic collapse and …

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Discussion On Zimbabwe’s Economy With Ashok Chakravarti, Sifelani Jabangwe And Godfrey Kanyenze

Last week, Sapes Trust held a discussion on Zimbabwe’s economy with Economist Ashok Chakravarti (representing the Finance Minister and himself), CZI President Sifelani Jabangwe and Economist Godfrey Kanyenze of LEDRIZ

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Let the bond float, govt told

GOVERNMENT should not peg the exchange rate of the bond note, allowing it to float freely within the multi-currency system as a first step towards the introduction of a proper local currency, says local economist Ashok Chakravarti.

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